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Advantages of Umbrella Companies

20 April, 2010

Umbrella Company Advantages

  • Avoids time and effort in running a Limited Company
  • Avoids cost and time required to setup and dissolve a Limited Company for a short term assignment
  • Weekly/monthly tax deductible management fee only while working
  • Umbrella Companies handle all statutory returns such as PAYE and VAT
  • Very little administration is required by the contractor
  • After setting up, the contractor completes timesheets and expense claims
  • Fast online services that include contracts, timesheets, invoicing, payments, tax etc.
  • Umbrella Companies issue pay slips that show calculations
  • Spendable income is paid directly into the contractor’s bank account
  • Some insurance and pension cover
  • Good customer support team


  • Umbrella Companies make life easier for contractors in terms of financial transactions and tax payments and leave the contractor more time to concentrate on earning more money.
  • Be careful if an Umbrella Company offers services that reduce income tax or National Insurance contributions as this is illegal.
  • Be aware that no matter whether you earn £50 or £500 a day the amount of work done by the Umbrella Company would be the same and therefore their fees should not be based on earnings.
  • Research online to find the best deal for you and talk to other contractor about their Umbrella Companies as this is often the best way of selecting the better company.

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