Tax and accounting requirements a source of confusion. Trafalgar knowledge base articles aim to help explain the most frequently questioned topics and give you a better understanding of the value we give your business.

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Contractor IR35

03 May, 2010

A contractors guide to whether you are caught by IR35 legislation.

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Umbrella Company Benefits

28 April, 2010

Contractors generally have responsibilities that take more time than planned for. While the financial benefits of contracting are very attractive, finding work and negotiating terms and conditions, as well as being responsible for managing finances, tax and national insurance contributions are time consuming and costly.

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Advantages of Umbrella Companies

20 April, 2010

A brief overview of the advantages of using an Umbrella Company.

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Contractors save money with an Umbrella Company

13 April, 2010

Umbrella Companies act as employers to agency and client contractors who work under fixed term contract assignments. Find out how you could save money by working through an Umbrella Company.

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The Umbrella Company for IT contractors

06 April, 2010

As an IT contractor, an Umbrella Company offers a range of key benefits over running a Limited Company.

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Managed Service Companies (MSC)

03 March, 2009

In December 2006 the Treasury issued a consultative document called Tackling Managed Services Companies. The document set out the ways the Treasury proposed to tax contractors working through Composite Companies in the main.

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Inheritance Tax

01 January, 2009

Inheritance Tax is the tax paid on your 'estate'. Broadly speaking this is everything you own at the time of your death, less what you owe. It's also sometimes payable on assets you may have given away during your lifetime. Assets include property, possessions, money and investments.

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The benefits of contracting

06 August, 2008

Contract work is an attractive option to many because of the lucrative nature of contract assignments but what are the things that make it such an attractive option.

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Contracts - the basics

16 January, 2008

Contract of employment, insurance cover, liability, scope of work, etc. This article covers al basics of taking on a contract.

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Agency worker employment rights

02 January, 2008

As an agency worker you are usually considered to be a ‘worker’ rather than an employee and you receive all the same employment rights as a worker as well as some additional rights.

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