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A Contractors’ guide to using an Umbrella Company

04 October, 2010

When moving from permanent employment into contracting, the choice of an Umbrella Company looks very attractive as they provide stability for contractors that regular contracting cannot.

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Changing Umbrella Companies

01 October, 2010

The UK has a large number of Umbrella Companies, some of which are highly functional firms while others do not offer the same service. Once you have become familiar with the procedures, there may be any number of reasons why you decide to change Umbrella Companies.

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Registering with an Umbrella Company

29 September, 2010

A work permit and National Insurance Number will be required prior to joining an Umbrella Company and applications can be made to the Department of Work and Pensions.

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Umbrella Company Overview

21 September, 2010

Reputable Umbrella Companies provide stability for freelancers that regular contracting cannot. Freelancers need not concern themselves with office procedures or looking for the next contract, and therefore freelancing offers stable earnings with a flexible schedule.

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Maximum take-home pay for Contractors

16 September, 2010

As a service provider an Umbrella Company’s role is to ensure that contractors are paid on time, to manage deductions and to control what can and cannot be claimed for.

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Contractors must keep expense receipts for 5 years

06 September, 2010

Some Umbrella Companies offer dispensation agreements. Please don't think this means you don't have to maintain accurate expense receipts and records.

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Professional Indemnity cover for contractors

27 August, 2010

Part of a Contractor's daily service is to provide professional services and advice.

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Tax free pension funds for contractors

23 August, 2010

For Umbrella Company contractors there is a definite benefit to investing in a pension fund as it reduces PAYE and NI liabilities and they remain one of the few tax breaks available.

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Employee Benefit Trusts

17 August, 2010

An EBT is a discretionary trust for the benefit of employees. A trust is a legal arrangement by which one person owns assets on behalf of another, such as pension funds, charities and family trusts.

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Contractiva, online software for Umbrella Companies

26 April, 2010

As part of our dedication towards providing the best, and easiest, solution for contractors to manage their timesheets, we are always on the lookout for new software products.

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