A large part of our business is understanding changes to legislation and ensuring we adapt our solutions to keep your business in line with anything that could affect it. Our news area offers a snapshot of recent industry news.


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Trafalgar Contractor Solutions announces the rebranding of its Employment Services Company

01 April, 2009

Trafalgar Contractor Solutions today announced the rebranding of its Employment Management Services Company. Previously know as Contractor Solutions Ltd it brings together the company’s two core products; Limited Company Accounting Solutions and Umbrella Company Solutions, under one recognisable brand – TRAFALGAR

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IT Contractors see demand continuing

10 March, 2009

In January and February recruitment of IT contractors beat all expectations and the demand for their services continues to rise.

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Unemployment in the UK to hit 3.2 million

07 March, 2009

Between October and December last year there were approximately 1.97 million unemployed people in the UK and it has been forecast that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

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NHS PFI Hospitals Construction contractors face an even worse slump

02 March, 2009

When it is said that the PFI schemes are in trouble because they cannot borrow sufficient money, we know our economic situation is getting bad.

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No cut-backs for Microsoft UK contractors

28 February, 2009

Microsoft has stated that the conditions of engagement for contractors in the UK would not change.

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Contractors Tax 2009

27 February, 2009

While many companies are down-sizing due to the recession, one has to speculate on what lies ahead for the contractor and whether he will be able to weather the storm.

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Media Summit 2009

26 February, 2009

The Media Summit brings senior decision makers and media industry leaders into direct contact with IT contractors and others working within the media industry.

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Access to free newspapers in schools is good news for contract teachers

17 February, 2009

Though it has been estimated that at least 50% of teachers use newspaper reports to add to the content of their lessons, the copyright laws have restricted their use of stories until now.

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Vague Rules on Contractors’ Tax

13 September, 2008

Anne Redston, a professor of tax law at Kings College, was reported as saying that areas around so-called ‘substitution’ clauses are still unclear.

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Amnesty on offshore bank accounts

22 April, 2007

In an attempt to recover billions of pounds in unpaid tax, the HMRC announced an amnesty of 2 months to residents with offshore bank accounts.

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