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Contractiva, online software for Umbrella Companies

26 April, 2010

As part of our dedication towards providing the best, and easiest, solution for contractors to manage their timesheets, invoicing and reporting, we are always on the lookout for new umbrella company software products.

We’ve recently been taking a look at Contractiva, a complete software solution for managing both the contractor and company side of an umbrella company. Contractiva allows contractors to submit umbrella company timesheets and expenses online, and offers an admin console for account managers from where they create invoices, record payments, reconcile bank statements, and manage communication.

It looks like an excellent online timesheet solution and is run by a technical team based in Shoreditch who provide full support for their contractor software. Migrating legacy systems is always a big decision and having seen the software we’ll be giving it very careful consideration for when we upgrade.

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