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Contractors and freelancers unfair business tax could worsen

26 October, 2009

Contractors and freelance consultants may very well be agreeing with the experts who have suggested that problems relating to unfair business tax could soon worsen.

Principal of Norwest Consultants Mr. Harry Katz’s recent comments that corporation tax would definitely increase and that the government would be putting prices up where they thought they would be changing the world, i.e. anything with the word ‘green’ on it, would probably find favour with micro-business operators.

Mr. Katz further advised manufacturing freelancers that they might want to consider focusing on producing goods which cannot easily be made abroad.

In a recent report the Confederation of British Industry stated that, despite the economic climate, it is more optimistic about business activity than it has been at any other point during the last 2 ½  years. There could be a greater demand for exports within the next year.

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