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IR35 Voting issues for IT contractors

31 July, 2009

PCG recently carried out a survey of approximately 1700 IT contractors that revealed some views on the general economy with regard to the competence of the HMRC. This showed that the major parties’ stance on IR35 may have a significant influence over voting intentions.

Of the poll 91% said that they were more likely to vote for a party that would commit to abolishing the controversial IR35 rules, as they were viewed by most contractors as unfair and complex.

The Liberal Democrats who have recently raised an Early Day Motion calling for the abolishment of the IR35, possibly will have little if any influence over the future of the tax rules, and unfortunately, the Conservatives have at this stage not committed to a stand on the future of IR35 if they win the next election.

It was also revealed that many of the respondents of the survey were more positive about their individual situations, with only 46% expecting things to worsen. With regard to the state of the general economy, many were more pessimistic with only 19% expecting an improvement in the short-term and 52% expecting things to get worse.

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