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Professionals ignoring digital communication in business are missing the point

13 November, 2009

With the growing importance of digital communication professionals could be missing the importance of online advertising which is a growing industry in the recession.

According to the figures released by the Internet Advertising Bureau there has been significant growth of internet/online advertising. The stats are showing that this avenue of advertising has overtaken TV advertising and become the leading communicator. However, professional services expenditure including accounting practices have slumped during the last year, while other services and marketing to the public rose significantly.

During the first half of this year online advertising rose by 4.6% to £1,752m in spite of the whole advertising sector contracting by nearly 17% over the same period of time, thereby setting the United Kingdom as world leaders in online market share.

All industries, with the exception of accounting practices, are making use of this medium of advertising and it is to be wondered why they are staying away from this modern method of exposure.

In a recent article published by Accountancy Age Mr. Stephen Fox, managing director of marketing specialists Fox Kalomaski, was reported as saying that Marketing budgets were down overall, dragging digital with them. And, let’s face it, a lot of marketers also find the new online methodology difficult to understand and evaluate. It’s a bit of a culture shock and therefore a barrier to development.

But it seemed to him that a more professional approach would be to examine seriously those parts of the marketing budget that deliver the best value and concentrate financial resources accordingly. With its recently improved direct response tools, an increase in accounting firms’ online spending would then be inevitable.

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