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IT Contractors jobless as Lloyds cuts staff

26 July, 2009

Only days after a slight upturn, the Lloyds Banking Group has reported that it has had to cut back another 370 contract employees.

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IT contractors rates cut by Lloyds

27 June, 2009

Towards the end of June 2009 Lloyds TSB, the partly nationalised British bank, announced the downgrading of pay to its IT contractors.

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Gibraltar prepares for 10% tax rate

12 June, 2009

The final stages of negotiation is underway by the government of Gibraltar in the implementation of a 10% standard corporate tax rate for both international and domestic businesses investments.

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10% Penalty for voluntary disclosure

03 June, 2009

A 10% penalty for UK taxpayers who voluntarily disclose unpaid tax on accounts held offshore has been confirmed by the HMRC.

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Amnesty on offshore bank accounts

22 April, 2007

In an attempt to recover billions of pounds in unpaid tax, the HMRC announced an amnesty of 2 months to residents with offshore bank accounts.

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