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Offshore Schemes

Switzerland’s commitment to international tax standards

25 June, 2009

Mr. Hans-Rudolf Merz, Switzerland's finance minister, has confirmed the country’s willingness to increase tax transparency by committing to 12 revised double taxation treaties by the end of this year.

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Tax havens will not follow Gibraltar lead

19 June, 2009

The decision that Gibraltar has taken to introduce a standard 10% rate of corporate tax for multinational and domestic companies will not be followed by other low-tax jurisdictions.

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Gibraltar prepares for 10% tax rate

12 June, 2009

The final stages of negotiation is underway by the government of Gibraltar in the implementation of a 10% standard corporate tax rate for both international and domestic businesses investments.

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10% Penalty for voluntary disclosure

03 June, 2009

A 10% penalty for UK taxpayers who voluntarily disclose unpaid tax on accounts held offshore has been confirmed by the HMRC.

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Tax Haven Crack Down Demanded by MP’s

03 June, 2009

In order to ensure that poor countries gain the maximum benefit from their own resources, MPs have been urged by government to crack down on offshore tax havens and corruption.

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Crackdown on tax evaders in 30 countries

02 June, 2009

The Financial Times has reported that a global crackdown on tax evasion by wealthy individuals was been launched in 30 countries.

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Amnesty on offshore bank accounts

22 April, 2007

In an attempt to recover billions of pounds in unpaid tax, the HMRC announced an amnesty of 2 months to residents with offshore bank accounts.

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