The Trafalgar umbrella company is quite simply the easiest way to contract. We take care of the paperwork, get your money to you FASTER than any in the business and keep you legal - you simply manage your assignment.

Contractor Umbrella

Contractor umbrella company

The easiest way to contract

Put simply, our umbrella company is the easiest way of contracting. We take care of your invoicing and tax, and make sure you are paid fast, efficiently and legally. You select your assignments and we handle the paperwork, it’s as simple as that.

Same day Invoicing

The faster we work, the quicker you get paid, so providing we receive your client authorised timesheet before 2pm, we generate invoices the same day and submit them to your agency straight away

Get paid fast

Cleared funds will be in your account 3 working days after raising the invoice


Fixed Margin, and only when you work

We deduct a fixed margin, which is only for the weeks you work. There are no hidden deductions or charges. So if you are between assignments or are taking some holiday we will not make any deductions for these weeks.

Claim back your expenses

As an employee of our Umbrella Company, you may be able to claim back some of the expenses you incur to carry out your assignment. If you meet the criteria set out by HMRC for Temporary Work places, as well as adhering to our company expenses policy, then you will be able to claim certain expenses.


These expenses are deducted from your agency billing amount before calculating your Gross Salary. As such you then pay PAYE tax and National insurance on the Gross salary to get your net pay. Expenses are then reimbursed on top of the net pay.

Safe and Secure

We process earnings using the PAYE system which ensures you are protected from future tax liabilities on your earnings. We comply and operate within IR35 and, as a PAYE umbrella company, are not within the MSC regulations for managed service companies. As an employee you are protected by our £20 million company insurance package.

If you are still unsure, read about our umbrella company benefits which highlights even more reasons to join us.

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