The Trafalgar umbrella company is quite simply the easiest way to contract. We take care of the paperwork, get your money to you FASTER than any in the business and keep you legal - you simply manage your assignment.


Umbrella company costs

Firstly, what you should know about our margin:

  • It is a flat rate margin
  • It does not increase with the amount you earn
  • There are no deductions to your payslip for joining or if you decide to leave
  • It’s a weekly margin and there is no deduction when you are not working
  • It is calculated to be tax efficient

Flat rate, not a percentage

Other Umbrella Companies charge you a percentage based on the amount of your invoice, the amount taken by the service provider increases with the amount you earn, e.g. 5% of £600 is £30 but 5% of £1600 is £80 per week. This is not how we work, as mentioned we just deduct out flat rate margin

No deductions for joining or leaving

You are joining us as our employee - There are no ‘up-front’ costs to join and no long term tie-ins or penalty charges when you leave.

Only when you work

If you only work for 2 weeks in a month due to having a 2 week holiday, you will only see our margin on your payslip for the 2 weeks you have worked; not a full month.

Tax efficient

Our margin is calculated and treated as an expense. This means that although the amount reflected on your payslip is £29.50, the actual net effect on your income once adjusted for tax, is either £17.63 if you are a basic rate taxpayer, or only £15.03 if you are a higher rate tax payer.

NIC is calculated as Employers 13.8% and Employees at 12% (basic rate).

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