The Trafalgar umbrella company is quite simply the easiest way to contract. We take care of the paperwork, get your money to you FASTER than any in the business and keep you legal - you simply manage your assignment.

Umbrella Company FAQs

Umbrella Company FAQs

What is an Umbrella Company?

An Umbrella Company acts as an Employer to independent contractors that are working under a temporary contract, usually through a specialist employment agency.

Why do I need an Umbrella Company?

Recruitment agencies will only issue contracts to Limited Companies and not to individuals. As such in order to carry out your contract and get paid, you would need to be an employee of a Limited Company.

Is an Umbrella Company the only option I have? What are the alternatives to an Umbrella Company?

The other option is to set up and become a Director of your own Limited Company. This can be carried out through our Limited Company division, Trafalgar Accounting Solutions.

In our experience we have found that if you are new to contracting or are less inclined to manage the administration of your own company, then an our Umbrella Company is the best starting point for you.

What are the benefits of working with an Umbrella Company?

By choosing to work with an Umbrella Company, you can carry out your contract without the administrative burden of managing your own company. Read more about the benefits of an Umbrella Company.

There are a variety of different Umbrella Companies, what makes Trafalgar Contractor Solutions different?

All Umbrella Companies use the same PAYE calculations to ascertain how much tax you will pay. So the main way to differentiate between Umbrella Companies will be the fee that they charge and the level of service you are offered.

Whilst bearing price in mind, we do not see this as a key differentiator. We are competitively priced in comparison to our contemporaries in the market; however Trafalgar is about providing the highest levels of service, backed up by a wealth of experience in providing Accountancy or Employment Services for UK contractors.

We ensure that there is always somebody on hand for you to talk to, whatever your query. We are not a call centre and there is no voice automated phone system or options to choose from. We appreciate you as an individual and such think that you deserve to be able to speak directly with a member of our team.

We have developed our processes and systems to enable an open, clear and efficient way of working. From your initial discussion, through the joining process and any subsequent contract extensions, there is a simple process which is followed, that minimises the level of administration required on your behalf to a minimum.

We have had these processes reviewed by KPMG to ensure we are working in line with the most up to date HMRC regulations. This was carried out in March 2009.

In addition to the benefits above, the thing that really sets us apart is:

Salary Now Payment Service

With this industry leading payment service, you are paid quicker than you would be by any other Umbrella Company. We are aware that there is a tendency for Umbrella Companies to hold on to your money until they have been paid by the recruitment agency or the end client, there is then further delay whilst they process your payment.

All you have to do is submit your authorised timesheet in line with the submission cycle outlined in your assignment letter (as agreed with the recruitment agency or end client.) You will then receive payment of your salary 3 working days after raising the invoice.

For further details about how this service works, feel free to speak with a member of our HR Services team.

How am I insured when working on a client’s site?

As an employee of Trafalgar Contractor solutions, you are automatically covered by our standard business insurances. This includes Employers Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How do I join?

To begin with we suggest that you speak with a member of our HR Services team. They will talk through your specific details in relation to your employment history, the current assignment you are working on or are about to take up and future employment. This discussion will provide you with the benefits you will recognise of working in the given solution and also and indication of the salary you can expect.

Once you have had this discussion you can join by completing the simple registration form available here.

Upon registration we will arrange for the contract to be drawn up between Contractor Solutions Limited and your recruitment agency. In turn we will send you a Contract of Employment and all of the information you will need to carry out your assignment.

How long does the process take?

As soon as you complete the registration form, your details are automatically uploaded to our system. Once this has been done we will contact you recruitment agency for them to send us the contract. Once they have sent us the contract we will send you all of your employment documents by email.

My recruitment agency have sent me a contract, do I need to sign it?

No. The contract will be between Contractor Solutions Limited and your recruitment agency. The contract should only be signed by a Director of Contractor Solutions Limited.

I don’t have a current P45, what should I do?

If you do not have a current P45, please let us know and we can send you a Starter Checklist form. HMRC will then advise us of your correct tax code.

How and when do I submit my timesheets?

Your client authorised timesheets should be sent to These should be sent to us in line with the submission cycle as discussed with your recruitment agency. Depending on the agency, this could be weekly, four weekly, by calendar month or by a specified date on each month.

Can I claim expenses?

This will be discussed in more detail when you speak with a member of our HR services team. Provided you meet the HMRC temporary work place rules, Trafalgar Contractor Solutions operates an HMRC dispensation expense scheme that covers all the main areas of your expenses: travel, accommodation and subsistence at a temporary work site.

How and when do I submit my expenses?

The Business expense policy will be supplied as part of your induction pack. You will need to submit a business expense claim form along with any receipts for expenses (where relevant).


Once I have submitted my timesheets and expenses, when will I be paid?

Upon receipt of your timesheet and expenses, your Salary will be processed. You will receive the funds in your account 3 working days after raising the invoice.

Will I have to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return at the end of the financial year?

As a PAYE employee you may not be required to complete a Self-Assessment tax return. Please check the HMRC website here for this information. Where a tax return is required Trafalgar Accounting Solutions can prepare one for you.

My contract is being extended, what happens now?

Once we receive written confirmation (e.g. Contract Extension) from you recruitment agency, we will email you a new Assignment Schedule. You will simply need to email back your acceptance of the extension and continue with the assignment.

Does it matter how long I work for the same client?

There are no rules governing how many assignments you carry out for the same client.

Provided you meet the HMRC temporary work place rules, there is legislation in place which governs how long you can be at any one temporary workplace and claim business expenses. This is commonly known as the “24 month rule”.

This rule states that the cost of travel from your home to your client site address (temporary workplace) is only allowable as a business expense for as long as you believe your contract will not exceed 24 months working at the same location.

Once you have an assignment at a new location the 24 month limit of Temporary Work place Rules will start again and enable you to claim these types of business expenses.

Please view the HMRC website here should you require more information:

My contract is not being extended, what happens now?

If you have already secured a new assignment with a new client with the same or different recruitment agency, please contact us immediately so that we can arrange for the contract to be completed.

If you do not have any further work in place, please contact a member of our HR services team to advise you on this matter.

I already have an Umbrella Company, but I would like to change how can I do this?

Firstly, we would suggest you speak with a member of our HR services team, to understand your individual circumstances. After this, you simply need to complete the online registration form, then inform your agency or end client that you will be working for Trafalgar Contractor Solutions from the agreed date.

I have a question that isn’t covered in this list, what should I do now?

If your specific query is not covered in the details above, please contact Trafalgar Contractor Solutions on 020 7940 1990 to speak with a member of or HR Client Services team, or email and we will respond to your query immediately.

For an honest, no-obligation chat call 020 7940 1990

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