Trafalgar Contractor Solutions is a respected umbrella company providing compliant solutions to contractors across the UK. Our team offer personal service through account managers available to help make your contracting life easier.

ERP Consultants

The Umbrella Company for ERP Consultants

From our offices in Borough near London Bridge, Trafalgar works with a large number of ERP Consultants based around the country. By providing an Umbrella Company service that takes care of your contracts, invoicing and payments, we leave you to manage your career and spend your free time doing what you enjoy.

Using our industry-leading payment solution, SalaryNow, we pay you on submission of an approved timesheet, ensuring you receive your money faster than any other Umbrella Company. This pioneering solution separates us from others in the industry and we are constantly looking for new ways to take our service to the next level.

We handle the paperwork for you

As one of our Umbrella Company employees we invoice the client for your services, in turn we pay your salary, reimburse your expenses and make all of the necessary tax and national insurance deductions. We make sure you are paid fast, efficiently and legally through a compliant, London-based Umbrella Company that is not only one of the most well established umbrella companies in the UK but also one of the most well respected among agencies.

SalaryNow - The fastest payment solution in the industry

With our SalaryNow payment service, you will be paid based on the submission of an authorised client timesheet.

In comparison to other umbrella companies that make you wait until they have been paid by their client, Trafalgar ensures we pay your salary as soon as you have done the work. This is one of the differentiating features between our Umbrella Company and the majority of others.

In conjunction with the timesheet submission cycle agreed with the client, you can expect payment for your services 3 working days after raising the invoice.

Fixed costs from only £15.03 per week

We charge a flat rate fee that is not based on how much you earn. There are no deductions for joining or leaving us, and you pay nothing when you are not working. Find out more about our fixed umbrella costs.

Reimbursement of your expenses

As part of our continuous improvement programme, we have reviewed our expense policy in conjunction with guidelines set out by HMRC. As such we are now operating under a dispensation policy as agreed by the HRMC.

This allows us to process expenses without having to record them on the P11D or file receipts. This results in increased efficiency, and creates less paperwork.

Safe and Secure

As an employee you are paid using the PAYE system which ensures you are protected from future tax liabilities on your earnings. We comply and operate within IR35 and, as a PAYE umbrella company, are not within the MSC regulations for managed service companies. As an employee you are also protected by our £20 million company insurance package.

If you are still unsure about whether our Umbrella Company is the right choice for you, have a read about our umbrella company benefits which highlights even more reasons to join the Trafalgar Umbrella.

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